Welcome to Amherst ECD!

Peregrine Road Outdoor Concert Monday Sept. 13 2021

We are a group of folks who love English Country Dance. What is English Country Dancing? Find out here!

Please join us for our weekly and monthly dances, as well as our special events!  See the calendar below or click on the links above for more information.

We dance at the Munson Library in South Amherst, MA (unless otherwise noted).  All events feature live music.  New people always welcome, and no need to bring a partner.

For more information about English Country Dancing in Amherst, please contact Mary Jones at maryjones@pobox.com.

Please note: This is a Fragrance Free event.
To create a healthy, safe and pleasurable dance experience for all,
please refrain from wearing scented products such as perfume, cologne, aftershave, essential oils or the like.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Calculate your dance community's green house gas emissions!

Members of the Amherst Area English country dance community have created a dance event greenhouse gas calculator as part of our effort to calculate, reduce and offset our nearly 20 tons of CO2 emissions, resulting from our travel, heating, and electricity use.

Feel free to download the calculator for your dance community's use. Once we saw our numbers, we decided collectively to increase our car pools, plant fruit trees, and purchase compact florescent light bulbs, renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets.