New Home Ball

Third Annual Ball: Saturday November 20, 2021

New Home Ball 2021 is Canceled!
We are very sorry to announce that due to the continued increase in COVID cases in New England since mid-August, we've decided to cancel the ball once again.

Save the Date! New Home Ball 2022 is scheduled for Saturday November 19, 2022


Here are the now obsolete details for 2021; I'll update this to 2022 when more information is available.

most dances will have a walk-through

Dance Leaders: Joanna Reiner Wilkinson & Brad Foster
Music: Eric Martin, violin & viola; Eric Buddington, violinKaren Axelrod, piano
Sound: Bob Mills
Afternoon Music: Eleanor Lincoln & Pat MacPherson
Location: Town Hall, Orange MA

Ball Chair: Brad Foster
Ball Committee: Karen Axelrod, Rachel Diamondstone, Susan Leuchter, Sarah Pilzer

2021 Ball Program: 

    • We'll have
    • many
    • wonderful
    • dances;
    • they will
    • show up
    • here
    • later

For more information contact: FosterBradR (at)



Second Annual Ball: November 21, 2020 — Cancelled
Dance Leaders: Joanna Reiner Wilkinson & Brad Foster
Music: Eric Martin, Eric Buddington, Karen Axelrod
Sound: Bob Mills

Inaugural Ball: November 16, 2019
Dance Leaders: Joanna Reiner Wilkinson & Brad Foster
Music - Alchemy: Eric Martin, Rachel Bell, Karen Axelrod
Sound: Bob Mills
Archive 2019 Ball Program: 

      • Apollo's Hunt [Gary Roodman; Even Odder Calc. Fig.] <video>
      • Bar a Bar [rec. Fried Herman; The Naked Truth] <video>
      • Bel Canto [Susan Kevra; unpublished] <video>
      • Bloomsberry Market [rec. Andrew Shaw; Farnicle Huggy] <video>
      • Cadgers' Caper [Gary Roodman; Sum Further Calc. Fig.] <video>
      • The Dancing Wife [Gary Roodman; Additional Calc. Fig.] <video>
      • The Farmer's Joy [Joseph Pimentel; The Goldcrest Collection] <video>
      • The Haymakers [rec. G. Fogg & R. Jackson; A Choice Collection (Neal), adapted] <video>
      • Hudson Barn [J. Schwab & C. Hammond; Hudson Barn] <video>
      • King's Maggot [rec. Andrew Shaw; Elephant Stairs] <video>
      • Leather Lake House [rec. Fried Herman; The Naked Truth] <video> {first dance in series}
      • Maiden Lane [rec. Cecil Sharp; The Country Dance Book 3] <video>
      • * Mayfair [Colin Hume; New Dances From Old] <video>
      • A New Leaf [B. Friendly & C. Sackett; Impropriety 6] <video>
      • Quite Carried Away [Pat Shaw; Pat Shaw's Pinewoods, adapted to 4 couple set] <video>
      • Revelations [Jenna Simpson; unpublished] <video>
      • * Step Stately [rec. Cecil Sharp; The Country Dance Book 4] <video>
      • Whately Barn [Gary Roodman; Prime Calculated Figures] <video>
      • * For Those Who Know