New Home Ball

*** Please Note: New Home Ball is Full ***
** To get on the waiting list, please contact Karen Axelrod **
** KarenAxelrod (at) **

We're very happy to report that registrations have gone very well, and sad to say we cannot accept any more. We're already making tentative plans for next year, again on the 3rd Saturday of November; if you haven't signed up yet, I hope you can do so next time.

November 16, 2019
most dances will have a walk-through; there will be no prompting during the evening ball
afternoon practice: 1:30 - 4:00 pm
ball: 7:00 - 11:00 pm
at the Orange Town Hall
6 Prospect St (corner of North Main & Prospect), Orange, MA

Dance Leaders:
Joanna Reiner Wilkinson & Brad Foster

Eric Martin
, violin & viola
Rachel Bell, accordion
Karen Axelrod, piano

Sound: Bob Mills

Ball Co-chairs: Karen Axelrod & Brad Foster
Ball Committee: co-chairs, plus Rachel Diamondstone, Susan Leuchter, Sarah Pilzer

Ball Program: 

  • Apollo's Hunt [Gary Roodman; Even Odder Calc. Fig.] <video>
  • Bar a Bar [rec. Fried Herman; The Naked Truth] <video>
  • Bel Canto [Susan Kevra; unpublished] <video>
  • Bloomsberry Market [rec. Andrew Shaw; Farnicle Huggy] <video>
  • Cadgers' Caper [Gary Roodman; Sum Further Calc. Fig.] <video>
  • The Dancing Wife [Gary Roodman; Additional Calc. Fig.] <video>
  • The Farmer's Joy [Joseph Pimentel; The Goldcrest Collection] <video>
  • The Haymakers [rec. G. Fogg & R. Jackson; A Choice Collection (Neal), adapted] <video>
  • Hudson Barn [J. Schwab & C. Hammond; Hudson Barn] <video>
  • King's Maggot [rec. Andrew Shaw; Elephant Stairs] <video>
  • Leather Lake House [rec. Fried Herman; The Naked Truth] <video> {first dance in series}
  • Maiden Lane [rec. Cecil Sharp; The Country Dance Book 3] <video>
  • * Mayfair [Colin Hume; New Dances From Old] <video>
  • A New Leaf [B. Friendly & C. Sackett; Impropriety 6] <video>
  • Quite Carried Away [Pat Shaw; Pat Shaw's Pinewoods, adapted to 4 couple set] <video>
  • Revelations [Jenna Simpson; unpublished] <video>
  • * Step Stately [rec. Cecil Sharp; The Country Dance Book 4] <video>
  • Whately Barn [Gary Roodman; Prime Calculated Figures] <video>

* For Those Who Know

For more information contact:
KarenAxelrod (at)
FosterBradR (at)

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